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Funding and Our Relationship with Advertisers

Funding for AskHealthToday comes primarily from advertising revenues. We do not charge subscription fees to our online audiences. Our content is written objectively, free from bias, direction, or input from any of the Advertisers that appear on our website. Our Writers create content based on their areas of expertise, interest, and trends.

Publication Process

All articles go through our extensive Publication Process which aims to ensure that the content we publish to our online audiences is consistent with meeting the objectives of our Mission. Below, you will find the process that our Publication Team follows:

1) Writers research the article topic, and write the article
2) Editors review the article and make any editorial changes
3) Reviewers fact check the article and make any factual changes
4) The content is readied for Web Publishing and Scheduled to go live on our website
5) Content is periodically reviewed for continued accuracy and updated accordingly 

Ethics Policy

Every aspect of our business is governed by our Ethics Policy. Our Ethics Policy sets forth our dedication to working and delivering in a spirit of integrity. We are compliant with all relevant government laws, rules and regulations. 

Staying Current, Mindful & Helpful

Our teams are deeply engaged in a variety of fields and we are naturally plugged into trends, new information and the latest topics. Keeping our article content current is a dynamic and never-ending part of our Publication Process.

We always work in a spirit of mindful compassion for our online audiences and sincerely aim to achieve our Mission, while adhering to our Ethics Policy.