Brand New Unsold Cars Are Now Almost Given Away: How to Score the Best Deal

Last updated Dec 01, 2022 | By Robert Wilson

Those looking to score the best deal on a brand-new cars know there is actually a huge overstock of unsold inventory due to the recent economic hardships.  Dealerships across the nation have a massive amount of older models that must go off lots for the new models. And since these vehicles have been sitting around for so long, automakers and dealers are eager to pile cash on the hood to move them out. 

If you know where to look for the best deals, you’ll definitely be able to snag a brand-new cars, luxury SUV, crossover for a fraction of its sticker price.  

Normally, nobody wants to share these hacks, but right now there are plenty of deals to go around. 

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Why The Prices Are Being Cut? 

There’s a combination of reasons why the prices are being slashed. First, excess inventory has racked up in many dealerships’ warehouses and stores due to a perfect storm of market demand fluctuations and SUV/Crossover manufacturers overproducing units for sale. 

Dealerships have seen a huge decline in demand for sedans and cars in recent years more than ever before. While SUVs, crossovers, and trucks are now in demand. 

Both U.S. auto showrooms and highways are dominated by large vehicles. The demand for SUVs and crossovers is massive; they account for almost 50% of all passenger vehicles sold in the United States. Therefore, automakers have naturally responded by ramping up the manufacturing and marketing of these vehicles. Because of this, two things have happened: (1) dealerships have ordered way too many SUVs thanks to overestimating the demand, and (2) dealerships continue to order more new SUV models every year in anticipation. 

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What does it mean? Now, there are too many SUVs parked on the lots. Dealerships must make room for the incoming vehicles.  

Why does this matter? I bet you guessed it. Dealerships are slashing prices at an incredible pace to increase the sales. The biggest discounts are now offered on 2018 and 2019 models since auto dealers need to get rid of them immediately! 

The Key to Scoring the Best Deals on SUVs and Crossovers 

Even though SUV and crossover dealerships have slashed the prices on their excess SUV/Crossover supply, you’ll still need to do a little bit of digging to catch the best deals available for you. Luckily, the top online searches are only one click away.